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SuperTweet API Tweet Blog

SuperTweet API Tweet Blog

SuperTweet.net Tweet Blog Description

SuperTweet.net is a service that provides a safe mechanism for software coders to continue to use the older Basic Authentication mechanism with the Twitter API in scripts and other simple Twitter apps.

SuperTweet.net uses their 140plus.com Tweet Blog to update their users on changes to or new features in the service and to otherwise keep their users informed.

How they do it

  • Account: SuperTweet.net uses a Twitter Account @SuperTweetNews with 140plus.com, giving their 140plus.com Tweet Blog the exclusive address: SuperTweetNews.140plus.com.
  • Title: the title of their tweet blog is "SuperTweet.net blog - Twitter API OAuth Proxy"
  • Theme: SuperTweet.net uses the "kubrick" theme for a classic blog look.
  • Links: SuperTweet.net has added custom links to their Tweet Blog site, including links to their home page, their support forum, and their donations page.

All the above customizations are performed on the single "Settings" page on the 140plus.com Dashboard.