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reInsta iPhone App Blog

reInsta iPhone App Blog

reInsta Blog Description

reInsta is an easy to use and fun photo sharing iPhone app and social network that supports a unique "Bring Your Own Cloud Storage" model in which your photos are held in a data store controlled by you.

How they do it

  • Account: reInsta uses their Twitter Account @reInstaDotCom with 140plus.com, giving their 140plus.com Landing Pages the exclusive address: reInstaDotCom.140plus.com.
  • Title: the title of their 140Plus blog site is "reInsta Blog"
  • Theme: reInsta uses the "default" theme.
  • Keywords: ReInsta has defined keywords for their pages related to their unique "Bring Your Own Cloud Storage" approach to social networking and data ownership.

All the above customizations are performed on the single "Settings" page on the 140plus.com Dashboard.