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PinkBattle Blog

PinkBattle Blog

PinkBattle Blog Description

PinkBattle is the online community that gives everyone a voice on life choices, from the serious to the sublime.

PinkBattle uses the 140plus.com service with the "fresh bananas" theme.

How they do it

  • Account: PinkBattle uses their Twitter Account @PinkBattle with 140plus.com, giving their 140plus.com Landing Pages the exclusive address: PinkBattle.140plus.com.
  • Title: the title of their 140Plus blog site is "PinkBattle Blog"
  • Theme: PinkBattle uses the "fresh bananas" theme.
  • Keywords: PinkBattle has defined keywords for their pages related to their This or That picture polls service, providing opinions from women for women, on Beauty, Entertainment, Food, Gadgets, Home, Life, Love, and Mom.

All the above customizations are performed on the single "Settings" page on the 140plus.com Dashboard.