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PhoneGnome Landing Pages

PhoneGnome Landing Pages

PhoneGnome Landing Pages Description

PhoneGnome is an Internet phone device to quickly and effortlessly turn your Internet connection into a free phone line to use for Internet calls (VoIP).

PhoneGnome uses the 140plus.com service with the "salesletter" theme to test different landing pages. A landing page is any page where traffic is sent specifically to prompt a certain action or result.

How they do it

  • Account: PhoneGnome uses their Twitter Account @PhoneGnome with 140plus.com, giving their 140plus.com Landing Pages the exclusive address: PhoneGnome.140plus.com.
  • Title: the title of their Landing Pages site is "PhoneGnome - Fixes your broken phone service"
  • Theme: PhoneGnome uses the "salesletter" theme designed specifically for landing pages.
  • Keywords: PhoneGnome has defined keywords for their pages related to their product/service to help search engines index their Landing Pages appropriately.

All the above customizations are performed on the single "Settings" page on the 140plus.com Dashboard.