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  • Your tweets, beautifully transformed

    140plus makes it astonishingly easy to publish rich content to the new real-time social web.

  • Tweet longer than 140 characters

    140plus lets you quickly and easily publish a rich tweet containing more than 140 characters, with rich formatting too (bold, italics, lists, tables, even custom HTML)

  • Tweet photos too

    Include a photo in your 140plus rich tweet.

  • Your tweets get found in search results

    140plus rich tweets don't disappear from search results after a few days. At last, your tweets appear in Google and other search engines.

  • Beautifully presented, highly functional

    Choose an attractive theme for your rich tweets and 140plus will automatically organize your rich tweets by topic, in a search-engine friendly format, complete with RSS feed, social media tools, and threaded conversations.

  • Free statistics and analytics

    See which rich tweets get the most traffic, what keywords people use to find your tweets, etc.

  • Mobile, Social, Real-time

    Optionally, receive instant direct notifications via Twitter when someone comments on one of your rich tweets. Mobile browsers are automatically detected, providing a mobile-friendly experience for iPhone or iPod Touch.

Typical Uses

Who uses 140plus? Personal and professional Tweet Bloggers, businesses, and families all use 140plus to share their achievements, inform friends, express an opinion or bring humor into someone's day.

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See how people are sharing smarter with 140plus. From personal tweet blogs, to landing pages, and business tweet sites, what will you create next? Sign-in to start creating now.

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